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PSYCH 1X03 Study Guide - Behaviour Therapy, Classical Conditioning, Dysthymia

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Psychopathy I
Life-consuming effects
· Psychological disorder can be life-consuming
· Can't move on a psychological disturbances
What is Abnormality?
The 4 D's
· What is normal/abnormal varies across people, cultures, and time periods
· Criteria used as guidelines and exhibiting 1 or more of these characteristics doesn t
label someone as having a psychological disorder
1. Deviance:
o Being outside the standard of a given society – thoughts, emotions, and behaviours
o Not everyone who differs is disordered
o People with psychological disorders deviate in some way from the typical behaviour of
2. Distress
o Negative feelings due to the disorder – anxiety, sadness, or despair
o Psychological disorders often, but not always, cause strong feelings of distress
o Being free from distress does not always indicate health
§ Bipolar patients in manic phase feel elated and not distressed
§ Antisocial personality disorder feel no remorse/distress when harming others
3. Dysfunction
o Interfering with ability to function – cant earn a living or run a household
o Psychological disorders often cause dysfunction in completing everyday tasks, but this
dysfunction may also be voluntary
o Dysfunction can be a choice – means of protest (hunger strike)
§ Described as maladaptive
§ Prevents individual from adapting to environment
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4. Danger
o Danger to oneself or others – engages in risky behaviours (drug addiction, violence)
o Not all dangerous behaviour is disordered – extreme sports or eating unhealthy
o Psychological disorders often, but not always, cause a person to place themselves or
others in danger
Classifying Psychological Disorders
Purpose of DSM = Diagnostic and Statistical Manual to apply proper diagnosis from
these guidelines. Has two main functions:
i) Provides standardized criteria to aid in diagnosis of psych disorders
ii) Use of common language
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