BIOL 3052 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Sauerkraut, Prophage, Penicillium Camemberti

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Raw materials (usually not heat treated) used contain both desired and associated organisms. Conditions of incubation set such to achieve rapid growth of desired and no or slow growth of associated types. Can result in products with unique flavours and aromas. Inoculum from a previous batch is used to initiate the fermentation of a new batch. Chance of product failure is not as high as natural fermentations. Raw materials (may be heat treated) are inoculated with a starter culture. A high population ( 106 cells/ml) of a pure culture of a single species or mixed species or strains. Large volumes of product can be made with consistent and predictable characteristics each day. Retention of product characteristics can be difficult over long periods of time. Dairy fermentation - two groups of microbes typically used. Primary acid producers- usually homofermentative lactic acid bacteria. Produce lactic acid that lowers the ph of product. Secondary microbiota- heterfermentative lactic acid bacteria, other microbes.

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