CLST 103 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Centuriate Assembly, Rhea Silvia, Faustulus

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Connections w/ greece: aeneas and the continuation of the foundation myth: try to connect with trojan war - aeneas, anchises (+venus) , ascanius (julus, marries lavinia, ascanius finds alba longa, virgil writes aeneid. Parties & offices: patricians = members of founding families of rome. Used to have sole power for magistracies: from pater = father. From senatorial class, part of aristocracy, could only be patrician by birth: origin from monarchy. Romulus created patrician class: plebeians = common people, masses, military tribune with consular powers (444-366 bce): same power as consuls, but for the military and instituted for provinces. Had powers outside rome: became governers later. Held assemblies in the curia in the comitium. Titus flaminius liberated greece: 146 bc sac of corinth = end of autonomy for greece, and now they"re officially a part of. Final battle = battle of pharsalus in 48 bce: pompey escaped to egypt, where cleopatra was ruling.

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