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ENGL100 - Exam Structure (April Exam)

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Queen's University
ENGL 100

ENGL100 - April Exam Structure Put TA’s name on booklet **double space** Exam has three parts...20%, 40%, 40% Study --> notes from lectures and tutorials, syllabus, list of literary terms on moodle (definitions in essential literary terms), sample exam (given in tutorial), books - passages will be identified (author and work) - be specific in answers and address all parts of the question ** - use the passage given in the answer (IMPORTANT) - use general knowledge, but use the passage that is given (close reading) - AVOID summary and generalization --> talk about DETAILS and meaning Part 1: Literary Terms (Define 5/9 terms) - define - illustrate it (demonstrate how it is used) - name a work that exemplifies this --> look at syllabus!!!!!! Part 2: Passage Analysis --> provide a close reading (coherent rhetorical) of two passages (2/5) - place passage in the context of its genre as well as the entire work from which the passage is taken, but your focus must be on the passage itself - discuss formal features in relation to meaning --> how does this piece make its meaning? - what are the effects of the formal features of the passage? --> what is the passage doing to make meaning? - use literary terminology appropriate to the passage (ex. a set of rhyming couplets) - 20 points per reading - 20% per passage ** - separate readings - think about the passage before writing: underline parts that stand out (ex. repetition of the first word - anaphora) - as yourself “so what?” - pick out parts and then think about the poem as a whole and then the world as a whole (how the parts give us meaning in relation to the poem, how the poem gives us meaning in relation to our world) - ex. rhetorical device that contributes to the meaning of time in the poem, how the poem discusses time in
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