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Queen's University
Political Studies
POLS 110
Jonathan W Rose

Democracy Cosmopolitan Democracy: • suggests that since citizens living in nation states are becoming increasingly more affected by forces occurring outside their nation state, then global matters should be controlled by democratic means. • An example of this is the European Union • Democratic theorists should focus on ensuring that international institutions are both effective controllers of global development and that they themselves are under control. Deliberative Democracy: • This is an off-shoot of the idea of democratic participation. • Builds on the participation by arguing that the process of public debate and argument leads to rational and more legitimate decision-making. • Allows for toleration of other people's views in divided societies and can therefore lead to greater consensus. Classical Democracy: • It is sometimes referred to as the participatory or developmental theory of democracy. • Emphasizes the active participation of citizens in the making of political decisions. • Associated with the theories of Rousseau and the 19 century British political scientist John Stuart Mill • This option is unrealistic and undesirable because mass participation is not a characteristic of modern democratic societies. • It is undesirable because the masses tend to be unreasonable and are drawn to make irrational decisions. Elitist Democracy: • This form of democracy is also called revisionist or the protectionist theory of democracy. • It is associated with Joseph Schumpe
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