MHR 523 Study Guide - Air Canada Rouge, Sears Canada, Delphi Method

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In the news : blackberry job cuts begin with 300 layoffs [oct. 8, 2013, heinz job cuts to hit 740 canadians [nov. 14, 2013, kellogg"s london plant to shut 500 face layoffs. [dec. 10, 2013: sears canada to lay off nearly 800 employees. [nov. 26, 2013: sears canada to cut more than 1,600 jobs [jan. 15, 2014, air canada rouge hiring hundreds of flight attendants as it adds western base [jan. 14, 2014: bombardier to lay off 1,700 from aerospace division. Human resource planning: human resource planning systematically forecasts an organization"s future demand for and supply of employees and matches supply with demand, effective human resource planning enables strategic success proper staffing is critical. Facilitates proactive response to environmental and legal challenges: different organizational strategies require varying human resource plans, needs to be matched to tactical plans. Get the right number of people with the right ksas in the right place at the right time to meet organizational goals.

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