Social Service Worker SSW101 Study Guide - Final Guide: Relational Dialectics, Nonverbal Communication, Chronemics

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9 types of non-verbal communicaion: kinesics body posiion & movement, hapics touch, physical appearance, arifacts personal objects, environmental factors, proxemics use of space, chronemics ime, silence, paralanguage how we speak. 4 principles of non-verbal communicaion: may supplement or replace verbal communicaion, may regulate interacion, oten establishes relaionship-level meanings, relects & expresses cultural values. Funcions of non-verbal communicaion: repeaing, highlighing, complemening, contradicing, subsituing. 5 guidelines for improvement: adopt dual perspecive, monitor your nvc, be tentaive interpreing nvc (consider person and context, use i-language when interpreing nvc, watch for discrepancies. The mindful listening pracice is a meditaion that"ll help you become more aware of your mind and your listening habits during conversaion. Listening helps us to hear the whole message. This includes: the content & the underlying emoions. This is important both in our personal lives and when we are acing as professional ssw"s as oten the words in a story relect only part of the story.

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