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Andrew Blaber

Jean-Jacques Rousseau •“Everything is good as it comes from the hands of the Maker of the Worlds but degenerates once it gets to the hands of man” •Man is born free; and everywhere he is in chains” •believed that by properly educating future generations, a society could be created that resolved the conflict between individual needs and societal demands •wanted an education system aimed at making a good citizen •his history: •rough childhood...mother died shortly after birth, father abandoned him when he's in adolescence •left town and never came back •became a town clerk, engraver, to religious cleric •he failed on each education •converted to Catholicism, and studied priesthood, practiced music, worked as secretary, and tutored •won an essay topic and got accepted by the philosophies •there are many inconsistency and contradictions in his ideas •in his essay, he talked about progress in arts and sciences translates into moral progress (- answer) •also said that human civilization (product of progress in arts ans sciences) didn't really do anything to the :) of humankind •he's different because he attacked about the equating of knowledge with goodness •increasing knowledge in arts and sciences instead of contributing to moral improvement of humankind, tend to corrupt the humankind by taking away their natural innocence •juxtaposition of natural primitives vs learned/civilized humans •because natural humans learned to live in accordance with the limitations or constraints in nature •he thinks progress in arts and sciences meant the creation of unnatural evil boundaries and restraints on human freedom •he basically believed that natural humankind has (through impulses and instincts of nature), ability to learn about and lie within the world as inhabit •arts and sciences alienated us from the natural capacity •introduced his “Social contract” [man and chains] and “Emilie” [god makes all things good not man] •Emile is put in an isolated environment away from the corrupted society ? to recapture the nat
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