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The bronze age civilization of greece and the aegean. The cyclades and greek mainland joined together in the minyan period, crete joined in middle include crete, the cyclades, and greek mainland. Greece is a lot of islands so it must have been difficult to have a unified political entity and therefor more power was probably divided and there was no one unified system. The lands that were already populated attracted them. Influenced the most aegean areas: greek mycenaean culture over sea trade was what they depended on, cultural art/other stuff was used for trade with other islands. Greek history is based on its local geography. Mainland greece was full of valleys which allowed agriculture. This did not work, greece had to import food and export goods to support population. Broken up areas, meant communities(states) developed separately. Peloponnesus is a peninsula in mainland greece. Three mountain chains created island where the sea is high. Communication between states was done by sea.