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PSYC 280 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Blood Vessel, Fail-Safe, Reuptake

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PSYC 280
Neil Watson
Study Guide

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Inverse agonist: opposite of the NTM’s effect
-RP: -70
AP; -40
Serotonin, Ach, dopamine, norepinephrine,
Know the two main amino acids - GABA, Glutemate GABA: inhibitory, Glutemate: excitatory
-know their category, what they do, where they are found
Equilibrium potential
-inside the cell, there is a lot of negatively charged protein ions, too big to cross the membrane
-some outside as well
-potassium ions inside the cell, a few outside
-outside there are a bunch of calcium ions and chloride ions
-and sodium ions
-inside there are few sodium ions
-potassium ion channels
-only let potassium inside the cell or out
The 2 forces
-diffusion (high concentration to low concentration)
-it's moving down its concentration gradient (moving from high to low)
-Electrostatic pressure: opposites attract
-because the inside is so negative, the potassium ions outside are attracted
-these forces cause a balance ( -70mv)
-equal number of k ions moving in and out at the same time
Sodium potassium pump:
-forces in 2 potassium, forces out 3 sodium ions
-after an AP when the sodium channels open and flood in, they have no way of getting back out.
AP is propagated at the nodes of ranvier
Sodium inside cell during AP
-becomes more positive on the inside of the cell, the charge moves down the axon
-electrostatic pressure pushes it down the axon to the next node where there are more sodium
channels, that's why it makes it faster
-the pressure of the ions pushes the positive charge down tha actual axon to the next node
Once the AP reaches the synapse
-once it reaches the terminal, it reaches the calcium receptors
-the electrostatic charge opens the ca receptors, so ca ions flood in
-all these vesicles (pockets of NTM) floating in the termina
-ca causes vesicles to move towards the postsynaptic membrane
-to the synapse
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