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Sociology seeks to disentangle complex relationships between ourselves and society. Social structure made up of institutions that organize/manage/discipline our interactions. Markets, weapons, media, law, votes, workers, consumers and status, freedom, self- determination. Sites of power: context of self determination. Distal power: institutions (e. g. laws), statuses, norms. To develop a systematic approach to investigating and explaining the social , life is not random or arbitrary, nor is it pre-determined or natural. Society as an organism to be studied scientifically. Learn how the social world is organized and constructed, and our role in that process: society as an object of study: European context: rise of natural sciences, systematic study of an observable reality. Opposed centralized authority of church, traditional authority and beliefs. Industrial revolution: rise of capitalism, impacts upon social relations, new forms of power: sociology as science: Study of groups structures, belief systems, communication and social order, how these shape individual behaviour.

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