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ENGL 1900
Jay Gamble

Last Name 1 English 1900 th Feb.4 , 2013 Essay Workshop What NOT to do: - The five paragraph essay from high school does not work in English anymore o Yes there is an intro, body, and conclusion. However the problem is that there is no flow, there are 3 “essays” in paragraph form o Your main purpose is 1 high level claim o Writing an essay is not a formula. Your thinking comes predetermined based on the formula A = B, C, D o Try to convince your audience about your argument - The inverted triangle o What happens is that people make a general claim such as “In society today…” o Do not make generalizations; always be specific o More detail will help to convince your audience about your argument - DO NOT summarize the plot o Provide a gist amount of context as to where in the book it is happening - GET RID OF FIVE PARAGRAPH ESSAY FORMAT o It is too constraining o You will be able to make a better argument without the A = B, C, D formula - 3 major grammatical errors that will reduce your grade 1) The cat ran away, it was very fast. This is a comma splice! When you have two independent clauses separated by nothing but a comma. Correct form: The cat ran away; it was very fast. 2) The cat ran off into the dark it was midnight. This is a run on sentence! When two independent clauses are fused together. Correct form: The cat ran off into the dark. It was midnight. OR The cat ran off into the dark; it was midnight. 3) The cat, running into the dark woods where rain water dropped from leafy Boughs onto the loamy soil. This is a sentence fragment! This is missing a predicate. The cat…what? Correct form: The cat, running into the dark woods where rain water dropped from leafy Boughs onto the loamy soil, fell into a hole and died. - 3 grammatical errors that won’t impact your grade as much. Last Name 2 1) Split infinitive. Ex: to quickly look. Correct form: to look quickly. You want to keep the infinitive together “to look”. 2) Learn the apostrophe! a. Its  possessive (should only be the one used in your essay) b. It’s  contraction (Contractions should not appear in formal essays!!) c. Its’  this does not exist! d. They’re  contraction (Again should not be used in formal essays) e. Their  possessive f. There  a place 3) Oxford comma a. With a list of three or more a comma should be before the “and” b. Ex: _____, ______, and _______. Argument: - The reason why your essay exists - Rule of Thirds: one third spent writing essay, one third spent revising, and one third spent devising your argument - Must be debatable o King Lear is and old king. o King Lear’s concern with his age produces an anxiety that requires the unconditional expression of love and devotion, even if that expression is false. - Make sure your argument passes the “so what” question. Ask yourself so what? - Interpretation o Essays on literature require analysis or interpretations. Not every reader will read a text the same way. It is your job to interpret the literature in a way that is convincing, valid, well-reasoned, and well-argued. o DO NOT SUMMARIZE THE PLOT o Who cares if you relate to the book or identify with the author o Do NOT disc
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