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Final Exam Overview

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WRIT 1000
Neil Stubbs

Final Exam 8/23/2013 12:56:00 AM The final exam is a three hour exam worth 20 percent of your final grade Three Parts , worth a total of 60 points … divided by three will equal 20 percent of final grade. Part one – Terminology (20 points) Part two – Paragraph answer (3 sentences per paragraph) (10 points) Part Three – Test your knowledge of readings (20 points) Part Four – Essay - You may use a dictionary for part 4, but NOT parts 1-3 Part one – terminology  You may be asked to define a term  You may be given an example and asked to identify the term associated with it  You may be asked to explain a concept and provide an example o Eg. Explain what Aristotle meant by pathos  You may be asked to explain and demonstrate a grammatical concept. Part Two – Paragraphs on concepts  You may be asked to explain a research concept or a grammatical co
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