ARKY 357 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Sapa Inca, Rodent, Llama

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Inca had many agricultural crops from many biotic zones to boost the economy.
They had warehouses that stored all of their products, part of imperial, state cult and communal
landholings (ayllus)
Warehouses built in Cuzco and in vicinity of key towns, capitals, estates and religious shrines.
Imperial (Inca State) warehouse were the most numerous and biggest
Warehouses houses different lasses of raw and manufactured goods.
Qollqas – Circular / Rectangular structure. Did not just contain goods but showed them of to
show the wealth of the Inca state.
Warehouses had mold, fungus, insect and rodent damage. They raised the thresholds, added
gravel/stone floors, and stone line conduits that facilitated ventilation.
Civil servants did inventory of the qollqas under the Sapa Inca.
Khipu Kamayuq – Occupation passed from father to osn. Reported directly to kurakas,
governors and some cases, the Sapa Inca.
Chuno – Freeze Dried Potatoes
Charki – Dried strips of llama meat.
^^Easy meals for long distances/ drought
Huanuco Pampa Storage houses – >2000, Circular Storehouse – Maize (Kernels in Jars)
Rectangular Warehouse – Tubers (Laid on straw mats, tied in bundles
Mantaro Valley – 2750 Storehouses, all similar.
Cotopatchi, Cochabamba Valley, Bolivia – 2400 storehouses. Located by the imperial state of
Wayna Qhapaq.
Production and consumption of material was important, as it played a big role fashioning and
negotiating particular social, economic and political arrangements.
Crafting took place in the household
Different scales and degrees of complexity for crafting.
Andean states were the main sponsors of novel technologies.
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