BIOL 305 Lecture 3: Assignment 2

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Published on 28 Feb 2020
In-Class Assignment #2 Name (Last, First)
Log in to TALC remotely using a secure shell (ssh). With this assignment, we are going to set up
an analysis of something using one of the biobuilds software packages (in this case, RAxML).
1. I have sent you an alignment, and you are going to perform a phylogenetic analysis.
There will be two runs, first with a single processor and then with multiple processors.
How are you organizing your directories and data? Sketch out where everything is and
explain why you are organizing it that way. (3 points)
2. To submit a job using the SLURM system, you will need a job script. Copy/paste that
here and explain what each line is doing. (4 points)
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