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University of Calgary
Communications Studies
COMS 371
Delia Dumitrica

Dasha Volnoukhin
 COMS 371 - Midterm #1▯ ▯ Chapter 4 - Adorno & Horkheimer▯ “The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception”▯ ▯ • The mass media system produces culture; culture therefore becomes a mass manufactured “product”▯ • We all consume the same ideas/norms (Ex. Beauty)▯ • Cultural content generalizes/homogenizes society▯ • Fragmentation - everyone must fit into some sort of category▯ • Mass media is a profit-oriented enterprise, they produce standardized cultural content▯ • Mass media argue they respond to audience demand, but in fact they manufacture demand; the standardized content is meant to satisfy groups of people/consumers▯ • Even diversity becomes standardized, diversity is fit into categories▯ • The is diminishing of critical thinking, we make predictions and when our expectations are met we are rewarded▯ • The increasing commodification of culture transformed culture into a means of ideological domination and maintenance of capitalism▯ • The culture industry has a main goa
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