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Lecture 15 (Lots of test hints) - Socio DUMAS .doc

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SOCI 201
Steve Dumas

IF BOLD, WILL BE ON TEST ****Absolute poverty, in ability to attain the basic necessities of life *****Low Income Cutoff Point- This measure is a measure of what kind of poverty? Relative poverty *****Basic needs measure? Calculate how much it costs to attain the basic needs of life in a particular place CANADA DOES NOT HAVE AN OFFICIAL POVERTY LINE A person spends about a ⅓ of their budget on food The consequence of relative poverty include: Delayed vocab development • • Poor health and hygiene • Poor nutrition • Absenteeism and low scholastic achievement Behavioural and mental problems (crime/deviance) • • Low housing standards • Greater likelihood of being poor in adulthood Those who are impoverished come from particular social groups Studies have shown the number 1 determinant that makes it more likely your impoverished is family structure (those born in singe parent families are more likely to be impoverished as an adult) Age is also a big factor Females more likely to be impoverished People of minority groups People with disabilities Social stratification - Open and closed (what you’re born into is what your likely to be in for your whole life) A meritocracy is where you earn and deserve your social class position - Status available in society (Ascribed means you’re born with it ie. Sex, ethnicity, etc) (Achieved… you earn it, goes up or down, changeable during life course) - POVERTY IS NOT RANDOM Relative to ev
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