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Spradley Midterm 1 Review Questions

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University of Guelph
ANTH 1150
Satsuki Kawano

Spradley Review QuestionsChapter 2 Christmas in Kalhari What is the basis for misunderstanding by Lee when he gave the Christmas ox to the KungLee took ridicule seriously in Kung culture they avoid arrogance by not congratulating hunters on good skills in order to cool their heart and make them gentleTribe said he never asked about the custom so thats why they never told him Why did Kung ridicule and belittle successful huntersthe person who provides the Christmas ox Why do Canadians expect people to be gratefulKeep them not arrogant part of their cultureKung shared same system of meaning No such thing as a generous act and all acts have an element of calculationBushman kill and share animals everyday one ox doesnt wipeout for a years full of gifts given to serve ones own ends food wiseChapter 3 Poverty at WorkCrack Describe the structural changes in New Yorks Formal economy over the past 40 yearsHow have they affected the lives of young men in Spanish HarlemEconomy on the decline manufacturing jobs disappeared o Affects unskilled and uneducated people1000s unemployed men in Spanish Harlem can only hold minimum wage jobs if anyAchieve higher status and income by deali
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