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BIOC 4540
Rod Merrill

NameMERRILL ANSWERSStudent numberUNIVERSITY OF GUELPHBIOC4540 ENZYMOLOGY Mock MidtermInstructor Prof R MerrillInstructions Time allowed80 minutesTotal marks40The exam is 7 pages and consists of 25 questionsThis midterm represents 25 of the final gradePlease write all your answers in ink if possibleNo materials may be removed from the examination roomAnswers to Part A are to marked on the computer scoring sheet see below and answers to Part B are to be written directly on this examination paperAnswers to part C are to be written in the answer booklet providedOn the computer scoring sheet provided use black lead pencil to enter your sevendigit Part Astudent ID number Answer Part A questions 120 on the computerscoring sheetOnly one option is correct for each of these questionsUse black lead pencilErase cleanly if you make a mistakeDo not use ink or whiteout on the computerscoring sheet Twenty 20 questions x 1 mark per question20 marks totalNo marks will be deducted for incorrect answers 1 The parasitic protist Trichomonas vaginalis has two related enzymes that have been recombinantly engineered lactate and malate dehydrogenasesWhich of the following statements is trueA Mutation of Leu 91 to Arg in lactate dehydrogenase converts this enzyme to a malatespecific enzyme B Mutation of Arg 91 to Leu in lactate dehydrogenase converts this enzyme to a malatespecific enzyme CMutation of Leu 91 to Arg in malate dehydrogenase converts this enzyme to a lactatespecific enzyme D Mutation of Arg 91 to Leu in malate dehydrogenase converts this enzyme to a lactatespecific enzyme E None of the above 2 Phenylketonuria PKU is caused by a human genetic defect in phenylalanine hydroxylase and in this disease aminotransferases convert excess phenylalanine to phenylpyruvateThe fate of phenylpyruvate is then to beA Oxidized to phenyl lactate B Carboxylated to form phenyl acetate C Decarboxylated to form phenyl lactate D Reduced to form phenyl lactate E None of the above3 The relationship between the reaction rate and the Gfor an enzymecatalyzed reactionisA A direct linear relationshipB An inverse exponential relationshipC A direct exponential relationship D An inverse linear relationshipE A Boltzmann distribution2 as an inorganic cofactor for the reactions that 4 Which of the following enzymes use Mgthey catalyzeA Arginase ribonucleotide reductase B Hexokinase glucose6phosphatase pyruvate kinase C Cytochrome oxidase catalase peroxidase D Carbonic anhydrase alcohol dehydrogenase carboxypeptidases A and B E None of the above 1
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