BIOL 1070 Quiz: Bio 1070 Quiz 1 Notes (Jan 11)

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Traits of organisms that relate to survival or invasion ability. Zebra mussels have environmental as well as economic consequences. In between lake couchiching and lake simcoe, in hawkestone. Water is clear because of no particulate matter (due to abundance of zebra mussels who filter feed/cycle the water) The zebra mussels are only in rocky areas (so they can attach to them), as well as attach to native mussels in these areas. Hundreds attached to a dock, people cut their feet on their shells. Zebra mussel shells wash up on sauble beach shore, ruining beach area. Zebra mussels have caused billions of dollars in damage. Dreissena polymorpha (zebra mussels) are native to eastern eurasia (black and caspian sea) They supposedly migrated here in ballasts of ships (most scientists speculate as larvae, some say as adults) First report of them was in 1988 in lake st. claire (hebert et al. They invaded western europe from late 1700"s to early 1800"s.

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