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Mock Midterm BIOL 1080 - fall 2012.pdf

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BIOL 1070
David Dyck

BIOL*1080: W12 Mock Midterm SLGSessionHaandoutDiscaimeerr:: This resource is not designed to be used independently of SLG Sessions. Please use this resource for referral only – it is supplemental review and is not meant to be a substitute for lecture or course material. This document may contain errors which may not be apparent unless you attend the session for which it was intended. This document has not been approved nor endorsed by, nor is it affiliated with, the Department of Biology. To get the most benefit out of the mock midterm, please do this in actual midterm conditions, which means no notes/textbook/asking friends allowed. Good Luck! This midterm will be reviewed at the following session: Leader Room Day &Time th Alannah Lib 100A – Forster Room Thursday Oct 11 4:30-7pm 1. With respect to the Control and Communication Network, which of the following is false? (a) The CCN is located all throughout the body (b) The CCN turns off and rests while we sleep at night; it regenerates for the next day (c) Cell to cell communication passes information through the network. (d) It controls the nervous and endocrine systems. 2. Chronobiology, the study of timescales and cycles, is an important aspect of biology. Which of the following statements is correct? (a) Appetite is an example of an ultradian rhythm (b) The menstrual cycle follows a circadian rhythm (c) An infradian rhythm is present in our sleep cycle (d) Almost all biological cycles follow a circadian rhythm; this is because our body is very sensitive to light 3. Although there are many different biological ‘clocks’ in the body, there is one that is known as the CENTRAL clock. This is known as the… (a) Brain (b) Circadian nucleus (c) Suprachiasmatic nucleus (d) The above terms are all acceptable 4. In regards to biomarkers of osteoporosis, which of the following is correct? (a) Height is an excellent biomarker for osteoporosis, because as the disease proceeds, height decreases (b) Height is a poor biomarker because it must be measured over a period of time and it has low sensitivity (c) Height is an excellent biomarker because height only changes during diseased state (d) DEXA scores are a poor way to measure osteoporosis because they vary throughout the day 5. If your family has a history of osteoporosis, what is the most effective way to prevent the development of low bone density later in life? (a) Do not engage in physical activity because this will wear out your bones faster. (b) Lose weight to reduce the stress on your bones when you walk. (c) Regularly engage in weight bearing exercises. (d) Drink a lot of water so that the calcium absorbs more effectively into your intestine. 6. Lipid-soluble (lipophilic) chemical messengers diffuse across the membrane. What are the next two steps (in order)? (a) Turns on genes to make new protein, binds to cytosolic or nuclear receptors (b) Binds to cytosolic or nuclear receptors, turns on genes to make new protein (c) Directly alters the activity of existing enzymes, binds to cell surface receptor (d) Binds to cell surface receptor, directly alters the activity of the enzymes 7. The liver, skeletal muscle and adipose tissue all play an important role in the break- down/assembly of molecules. Which of the following statements is correct? (a) Lipolysis occurs in the liver and muscle, glycogenolysis occurs in the adipose tissue (b) Lipolysis occurs in the liver, glycogenolysis occurs in the adipose tissue and the muscle (c) Glycogenolysis occurs in the liver and muscle, lipolysis occurs in the adipose tissue and muscle (d) Gluconeogenesis occurs in the liver, adipose tissue, and the muscle 8. What do neurotransmitters and hormones have in common? (a) they are soluble in water (b) they are proteins (c) they are chemical messengers (d) they have nothing in common 9. On your way to class one day, your friend jumps out from behind a pillar, thus frightening you. What reaction occurs in the nervous system in response to this terrifying experience? (a) The sympathetic nervous system reacts by releasing norepinephrine (b) The parasympathetic nervous system reacts by releasing norepinephrine (c) The parasympathetic nervous system releases acetylcholine (d) The sympathetic nervous system releases acetylcholine 10. The initiation of the inflammatory response due to a sedentary lifestyle and the use of fertility drugs are examples of what types of medicine? (a) Evolutionary and Collective (b) Collective and Integrative (c) Enhancement and Integrative (d) Evolutionary and Enhancement 11. Bone serves as a functional calcium store. What is the mineral structure of bone composed of? (a) Calcium (b) Hydroxyapatite (c) Phosphate (d) Cartilage (e) Glycogen 12. The average life expectancy of a Canadian born in the year 2006 is 80.7 years. Life expectancy can be affected by which of the following factors? (a) If your family has a history of cardiovascular disease or cancer (b) If you smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol (c) If your diet includes foods which the Canadian Food Guide recommends (d) All of the above 13. A “systems biology approach” includes which of the following concepts? (a) The Control and Communication Network coordinates all systems in the body (b) It considers how all of the systems in the body interact (c) Exposed to the same treatment, different people react in unique ways (d) All of the above 14. Which of the following is NOT a requirement of a biomarker? (a) It needs to reflect normal function or disease processes (b) It must be routinely monitored over time (c) It must be able to be measured by the patient themselves (d) Methods are available for accurate and precise measurement 15. Which of the following is an appropriate model to study lifestyle effects
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