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BIOL 1070
Wright& Newmaster

Unit 11 Test The arctic of the past There once were lush forests and a variety of terrestrial and aquatic habitats that today are found only at much lower latitudes. Churchill, Manitoba and Resolute, Nunavut are home to enormous numbers of fossil brachiopods Puijila darwini, an extinct mammal that is thought to be a transitional form in the evolution of modern seals. Arctic in the present Osmosis is the passive movement of water across a membrane from a solution of low solute concentration to a solution of high solute concentration. The terms “hypertonic”, “isotonic”, and “hypotonic”describe the effect that solutions have on cells. When tissues are exposed to temperatures below freezing, ice crystals form in the extracellular fluid and they reduce the amount of free water outside the cell, which creates an increase in osmotic pressure. Osmosis occurs from a solution with lower osmotic pressure to one with higher osmotic pressure. Freezing Freeze tolerant insects start producing ice nucleating agents in the autumn to initiate freezing outside of the cells in the extracellular fluids. If the fluid inside the cells or intracellular fluid (cytosol) freezes, then sharp ice crystals may puncture the delicate membranes. Freeze tolerant insects produce glycerol and/or sugars to decrease the freezing point of the cytosol to protect their cells. Freeze tolerant animals may also synthesize antifreeze proteins which slow down or inhibit ice crystal formation in specific tissues or cells. In frozen wood frogs, ice forms throughout the body, in between cells and in body cavities so that 65% of total body wate
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