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BIOL 2400
Cortland Griswold

SupplementaryPractice for midterm 11 From most ancient to more recent list the following taxa in order of appearance in the fossil record Chordates Green Algae Sponges Archaea Grasses Hominids land plants cyanobacteria insects multicellular eukaryotes tetrapods2 In terms of intensity of causal forces is the uniformitarian view that theya Are irregular and vary with geologic time b Always at the same intensity as present c None of the above3 What did Darwin observe off the coast of Chile that supported the uniformitarian view of geological changea An avalanche b An earthquake that uplifted a sedimentary layer c A landslide d A major storm that eroded a hillside4 Genetic reassortment occurs in H1N1 viruses whena Viral DNA undergoes recombination within a viral particle b Viral DNA segments from different virus strains assemble together into a single viral particle c Viral RNA undergoes recombination within a viral particle d Viral RNA segments from different virus strains assemble together into a single viral particle5 In terms of Carl Linnaeuss hierarchical classification system of life describe two important implications of Darwins theory of common descent 6 What differentiates evolution from adaptation7 Imagine a haploid asexual species that consists of two phenotypes black squares and white squaresThese squares undergo perfect inheritance such that black squares have black square offspring and white squares have white square offspringAssume that these squares live in a population with a carrying capacity of 8 squares in totalFurthermore assume that black squares and white squares both produce 3 offspring per generation and generations are overlappingLastly assume that black squares survive with 4 times the probability of white squaresa Explain how the situation described above corresponds to Darwins four premises of natural selection set forth in On the Origin of Species
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