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ENGL 2740
Jennifer Schacker

English Quiz #3 Notes Fairytale: Understood to be fictitious and framed as entertainment. The setting and characters are generalized and not fully identifiable. Realism sufficed with magic. Potential for affirmation of status quo, alternative views of society, critique of status quo. Initial Situation: (Vladimir Propp) Initial dramatic situation. The 1 dramatic presentation of the characters which suggests the tensions. Example: In the Yellow Dwarf (D’Aulnoy) all elements of the opening sequence suggest that the queen is focalizer and is being criticized for actions we can understand and symphathise with. Binary Opposition: used as ways to understand the world. Example: In the D’Aulnoy’s the Yellow Dwarf the binaries presented are good vs. evil, mother vs. daughter, beauty vs. ugliness and female vs. male Negligence: represented as looking casual and was meant to be a crafted effortless quality and it took great writing to make it seem like it came right off the tongue from oral tradition. (It takes work to sound natural) Example: D’Aulnoy and Perrault both strived to achieve sophisticated and playful writing in their stories that mimicked the salon quality and performances.  In sleeping beauty, “about fifteen or sixteen years later” casual and non-committal explanation of time passing.  The use of brackets mimicking a casual comment made as an aside or behind a hand. Class Context: Charles Perrault’s mother goose figure is dressed as a common woman and the women who surround her are from aristocratic society. *Both D’Aulnoy and Perrault were writing for a courtly audience. Motif: Small elements within stories, carious concepts within various texts. (Theme within various texts) Example: Talking animals are common in fairytales such as the wolf and cat in Perrault’s Puss in Boots and LRRH. The appearance of magical creatures exist in many stories including the fairies and dwarf and dragons in Sleeping Beauty and the fairies, mermaids and dwarfs in d’Aulnoys the Yellow Dwarf. There is often a trickster or test present in the stories. Summaries of Fairytales by Perrault Sleeping Beauty:  Starts like the Disney version (fairies grant wishes, one spiteful and uninvited guest curses her to prick a finger and die, the last fairy says she will only sleep) and she gets rescued by a prince 100 years later.  The prince never tells his mother or father of his bride nor his two children.  Once his father dies he parades them into the castle (feeling he now has more security as king)  His mother, part ogres wants to eat Sleeping Beauty and their children but the cook tricks her into eating lamb or beef of similar age and tenderness.  The ogres queen one day finds the hidden family and enraged prepares to send them into a pit of spiders and snakes. But the king returns from war and she is so embarrassed she throws herself into the p
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