ENVS 2270 Final: Final Exam Review (second half)

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Envs2270 impacts of climate change final exam review (after midterm) Temperature: greater warming in the north pole (arctic, greater warming in the winter than in the summer. It is much more difficult to predict precipitation because of regional effects and it is on a much smaller scale. Issues of flooding are projected for the future which is very problematic in the tropics; landslides and flooding. Consecutive dry days: where in the world what is likely to happen in terms of chronological dry days. Likely: a lot of research is towards that happening. Global mean temperatures projected to rise 0. 5 to 4 degrees in the next century. Heat waves will very likely occur with higher frequency and duration. Changes in precipitation in the next century are likely to occur. Less reliable projections: high latitudes and equator will likely experience increases, mid-latitudes and sub-tropics will likely experience decreases some areas likely experience more extreme precipitation events.

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