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FOOD 2010 Quiz: Food Assignment 2

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Food Science
FOOD 2010
Massimo Marcone

Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (PSP) What Causes PSP? Shellfish are filter feeders, which Symptoms – What Will means they feed by filtering You Feel? • • • microscopic organisms from the • Tingling (pins & needles water. Therefore, they can sensation) accumulate bacteria, viruses and • Headache biotoxins in their tissues. With high • Nausea • Vomiting enough levels of certain toxins (i.e. • Numbness around lips, saxitoxins), when toxin- gradually spreading to face and contaminated shellfish are neck consumed they may cause PSP. • Difficulty swallowing • Arm & leg weakness, paralysis The Culprits – all of which can accumulate toxins causing PSP Symptoms start quickly between 30 mins and3 hours. The symptoms • Bivalve shellfish (oysters, clams, usually resolve completely within a mussels, scallops) few hours to days after toxin- • Other molluscan shellfish (whelks, contaminated shellfish ingestion. periwinkles) • Lobster & crab tomalley The intensity of symptoms depends on the intensity of toxin poisoning. In severe cases, muscle paralysis, respiratory failure, and death can occur within 12 hours. Be careful what you eat because a cure doesn’t exist! What to Avoid? Monitoring and prevention programs for shellfish toixns (i.e. saxitoxin) exists in Canada, so check if the harvest area is open. If it’s closed, then you know it’s not safe! When at shopping at a market, be sure to purchase shellfish from reputable suppliers. Shellfish should have tag verification of federal inspection. aasd Impurities (i.e. Extraction • Prepared cane is crushed in a series sand, and grit) of large roller millers, which extracts sweet juice and fibres used in the boilers • Both contain impurities such as sand and grit Affination • Softening the raw sugar and removing the layer of mother liquor • Raw sugar is mixed with warm syrup of higher purity (forming a mixture Syrup with called magma), and is centrifuged to impurities separate crystals form the syrup Carbonatation • Small clumps of chalk are aasd Chalk clumps bound to non- grown in the juice, and collects sugar impurities the non-sugar impurities Colour removed, Decolourisation and some • Removal of colour by using inorganics (if absorption techniques of using ion exchange resins) pumping liquor through columns of ion exchange resins or
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