FRHD 3040 Study Guide - Final Guide: Augmentative, Parenting Styles, Enculturation

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Discuss the findings of youniss and smollar"s (1985) study: identify and discuss adolescent"s perceptions of parents and adolescent"s perceptions of friends. Adolescent relations with mothers, fathers, and friends (youniss & smollar, 1985) Interviews with 1000 middle-class children (ages 12-19 years) Greater sense of connection to peers than to parents. Discuss the differences in defensiveness in communication with parents and friends. Tell friends about their feelings with friends (69%) vs parents (17%) Talk about doubts and fear with friends (73%) more than parents (13%) Careful what they say around parents (51%) more than friends (33%) Discuss the defensiveness in self experience with parents and friends. More withdrawn, uncomfortable and careful with parents than friends. More their selves with friends than parents. More open, outgoing, relaxed, and playful with friends than parents. Discuss the implications for mothers, fathers, and their parenting roles. More conflict reported with mothers but also more intimate relationship. Relationship with fathers described by some girls as non-relationship.

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