FRHD 3150 Study Guide - Final Guide: Attention Seeking, Reinforcement

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Chapter 6
respondent extinction is a decrease in a conditioned response due to a CS no longer being followed by a US,
whereas, extinction is a decrease in an operant response due to it no longer being reinforced
stop that! – punisher
You have just lose 25 $ is a response-cost punishment
important during the application of extinction to ensure that the reinforcers that you are withholding are the ones that
were actually maintaining the undesirable behavior.
Operant extinction is most effective when combined with positive reinforcement for some desirable alternative
Continuous reinforcement
- each instance is reinforced
- response reinforced occasionally
- people try more with a pen that sometimes works than never works [if it doesn’t work you throw it out]
= makes extinguishing bad behaviour harder = resistant to extinction
Extinction burst
- bad behaviour increases before it decreases
- snapping her fingers in class, when ignored – will initially snap more to get attention – then it’ll die down
when it doesn’t work
Sometimes produced elicited aggression
- girls keeps snapping, eventually bangs on the desk and yells “HEY”
- that’s why you should include positive R for good behaviour
Do it where they can’t hurt themselves or cause a scene
Three possible reasons for the failure of your operant extinction procedure are
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