GEOG 2510- Midterm Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 19 pages long!)

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Geography: study of surface of earth as the home of humankind. Can also be described as where things are and why they"re there . Gives insight to many regions and the varied aspects of them. Focuses on human and physical landscape and how they change over time. Physical landscapes can take millions of years to change, but human activity can make it change in a short time span. Influenced by economic, political and cultural facts and physical characteristics. Location: specific part of earth"s surface where a particular thing is situation of land. Absolute location: identified by reference to latitude and longitude. Relative location: identified in terms of the location of other things. Latitude: a measure of absolute distance north or south of the equator (0 ). Lines of latitude run around the globe, an equal distance apart, parallel to the equator and perpendicular to longitude lines.

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