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GEOG 3050
Kate Parizeau

Parizeau 2013 GEOG*3050: Development and the City Instructor: Dr. Kate Parizeau E-mail: [email protected] Class meetings: Thursdays, 7:00-9:50pm; ROZH 104 Office hours: Mondays, 3:00-5:00pm; Hutt 343 Teaching Assistants: Lauren Sneyd ([email protected]) Kim Stemshorn ([email protected]) Course Description: Undergraduate Calendar description: “This course examines different theoretical and policy perspectives of urbanization and urban development, as well as social, economic and environmental living conditions in cities of the Global „South‟. It refers to concrete examples of cities in their national and international context, paying due attention to diversity and the fluidity of urban-rural boundaries. Specific urban development issues, including migration, housing, employment, health and environment are also addressed.” Course Objectives:  To familiarize students with both urban forms and social processes that occur in cities in the Global South;  To introduce students to a number of case studies of urban centres in the Global South;  To encourage and develop intellectual engagement with processes and outcomes of urbanization in the Global South;  To develop research, reading, and writing skills, as well as critical thinking. Class Format: We will meet once per week for lectures. Some parts of the lecture will be dedicated to activities and films. You are responsible for reading the assigned articles and book chapters for each class. While I will be covering the basic concepts from the readings in our lectures, I will also be introducing new material. The assignments and the examination will assume knowledge gained from both the readings and the lectures, so class attendance is highly recommended. We will be using Courselink as an electronic resource for announcements and for the distribution of lecture slides (which will not contain a full record of the class material). All class work will also be submitted through Courselink using the electronic Dropbox. Evaluation: A document detailing the course assignments and evaluation guidelines will be posted on Courselink. Following is an overview of the course assignments: Reflection paper: 20% (Due at 11:59pthon the date you choose via Courselink) Assignment 1: 20% (Due on Feb. 6 ath11:59pm) Assignment 2: 30% (Due on Mar. 27 at 11:59pm) Final exam: 30% (Date and location posted on UofG website) Late work will be penalized 10% per day that it is overdue, including weekend days. All course assignments must be submitted by the final day of classes. 1 Parizeau 2013 Readings: The readings for this course are based on peer-reviewed academic articles and book selections. All readings are available on the library‟s Course Reserve website (links to this site are available under the Content section of our Courselink site). Following is a supplemental source that may prove useful in the course. A copy has been placed on Course Reserve in the library:  Beall, J. et al (eds). 2010. Urbanization and Development: Multidisciplinary Perspectives. Oxford University Press. Course Schedule: Week # Date Topic Readings Week 1 Jan. 10 Course introduction: The rise of N/A urbanization and mega-cities in the Global South Regional overviews of Latin America, Africa, and Asia Week 2 Jan. 17 Theories of urbanization; measuring and Tacoli and Mabala 2010 monitoring urbanization Satterthwaite 2010 Week 3 Jan. 24 Infrastructure: water, waste, and Zawahri et al 2011 transportation Pucher et al 2005 Week 4 Jan. 31 Housing: from slums and squatter Davis 2006 settlements to gated communities Payne et al 2009 Week 5 Feb. 7 Work: informal and formal sectors Whitson 2007 Milgram 2011 Week 6 Feb. 14 Gender, social difference, and education Swanson 2007 Jones and Chant 2009 Week 7 Feb. 28 Violence, policing, and gangs Bollens 2008 Rodgers 2006 Week 8 Mar. 7 Sverdlik 2011 Health and food Zezza and Tasciotti 2010 Week 9 Mar. 14 “Natural” disasters and environmental Lee 2006 conditions Hardoy et al 2011 Week 10 Mar. 21 Cultural identity and urban heritage Winter 2008 preservation Sirisrisak 2009
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