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HIST 1010
Peter Goddard

History 1010 – Exam Review General Info: Chapter 12: The Religious Wars Reformation & Counter-reformation; politiques; Catherine de Medici; St. Calvinists & Catholics in France Bartholomew’s Day Massacre; Henry of Navarre; The Edict of Nantes Spain & the Netherlands Dutch Revolt; Union of Utrecht; William of Orange England & Spain Henry VIII; Mary I; Elizabeth I; English religious policies; the Spanish Armada Causes; major players; four stages; military advances; aims/resolutions; Thirty Years War (1618-1648) Treaty of Westphalia; Peace of Prague th th Chapter 13: 17 and 18 Centuries, State Consolidation The Dutch Golden Age Urbanity; shipping and trade Parliamentary monarchy; absolutism; James I; Charles I; Puritans; the Politics in England & France Glorious Revolution; Louis XIV; Richelieu & Mazarin; religious policies Russia & Prussia Pragmatic Sanction; Frederick William; Peter the Great Ottoman Empire Religious policies; Janissaries Chapter 14: Scientific Revolution Ptolemaic system; heliocentrism; Copernicus; Brahe; Kepler; geocentrism; Astronomical Theories Galileo; Newton Science & Philosophy Empiricism; Bacon; simplicity of nature; Descartes; rationalism; Hobbes; Locke; national scientific organizations (goals, composition) Witches Witch hunts and superstitions, reasons (economic, social, religious, etc.) th Chapter 15: The 18 Century Industrial Revolution Peasant rebellions; agricultural advances; Enclosure Act; urbanization (demographic shift), impact on Jewish population; middle class Chapter 16: The Transatlantic Economies Mercantilism Definition; goals; French-English rivalries; products and processes Spain’s Colonies Colonial government; reform; trade regulations 18 Century Wars Jenkin’s Ear; Austrian Succession; Diplomatic Revolution; Seven Years War Colonial Independence Taxation; Parliamentary reform Africa Slavery; the (Transatlantic) Triangle; expressions of agency Chapter 17: The Enlightenment Intellectual and social background; philosophes; print culture; Voltaire; deism and religions (Christian, Judaism, Islam); Smith; Montesquieu; Rousseau; Enlightenment Diderot; Wollstonecraft; separate spheres; enlightened absolutism; Frederick the Great; Catherine the Great Chapter 18: The French Revolution The crisis of the French monarchy; revolution of 1789; fall of the Bastille; the French Revolution declaration of the rights of man; reign of terror 1792; Maximilien Robespierre Study tips: 1. Look at the A-J items. Know them well, describe them, give examples of names and events within them. Relate them to Candide. This is studying smart. 2. Review all seminar documents – be able to identify them (by style of writing, repeated words and such). If you can’t recall author or title on the exam, leave space to fill it in later if you can recall them. 3. Review Candide Exam tips: 1. Bring blue or black pen with you, you can ask for more exam
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