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Trusteeship was a form of justification used by the british when imposing their moral ideology onto another territory. The traditional view of trusteeship is defined as a parent-child relationship; however, views that reflected social. Darwinism began to take root so as to prevent a territory from being independent if the. This allows for a combination of benevolent and exploitative justification for empire. One example of trusteeship is kipling"s literature where he addresses educating the bengali; however, he becomes condescending of the brown man"s attempt at civilizing and believes that they will never be equals with the british. The goal of the british became guiding the development of others while they maintain the status quo. The reason that colonialism came to an end was simply because the colonials were no longer prepared to live under trusteeship. William wilberforce (1759-1833) was a member of parliament, a christian writer, a.

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