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2140 history of jazz study exam points.pdf

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MUSC 2140
Howard Spring

1a the trumpet who played purpose of it important recordingsbands etcLouis Armstrong 19011971 Bix beiderbecke 19031931 Miles Davis 19261991 Dizzy Gillespie 19171993 Nick laRocca 18891961 Wynton Marsalis 1961 King Oliver 18851938Buddy Bolden in New Orleans followed by Freddie Keppard Original Creole Band then King Oliver still New Orleans1b the reed instruments clarinet and sax SaxSydney Bechet 18981959 Ornette Coleman 1930 John Coltrane 19261967 coleman hawkins Clarinet Benny Goodman 19091986 Johnny Dodds 1c the rhythm section piano drums bass guitarPiano Bud Powell Bebop neutral left while right improvised surpasking parker and Gilllespie Count Basie19041984 Ray Charles19302004 Duke Ellington 18991974Jelly Roll Morton18901941 Art tantum19091956Mary Lou WIlliams 19101981 Bass Charles Mingus19221979 DrumsGene Krupa 19091973 Guitar Charlie Christian19161942 Eddie Lang19021933Piano Early stride pianist James P JohnsonSwing era tuba replaced w bassbanjo replaced w guitar drummers became showmen and bass were slow2a New Orleans vs SwingNew Orleans texturepolyphonic occasional homophonic passages breaks were monophonic Instrumentsconrettrumpet clarinet trombone basstuba ascoustic guitar piano drums Bands Buddy Bolden ODJB creole jazz band king Oliver Creo
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