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NUTR 2050
Linda Gerber

4. Explore Settings, Channels, and Activities to Reach Intended Audiences - Best ways to reach children aged 9-13 about vegetable consumption - Identify the settings (times, places, and states of mind) in which they are most receptive to and able to act upon message o Grocery stores, restaurant menus (notes on which choices are more healthful) - Identify channels through which program’s message can be delivered and the activities that can be used to deliver it. o What will best: Reach the intended audience, Deliver the message  School newsletter, school websites, within the grocery store Explore Settings - Places where program can reach the intended audience (e.g., at home, at school or work, in the car, on the bus or train, at a community event, in the local health care provider’s office or clinic) o Home; through email, flyers, and television ads o School; what’s available in the school cafeteria, what is promoted in classrooms or posters throughout the school o Community events; promoting vegetable consumption and healthy eating o Health care clinic/doctors office; posters and information flyers. Specific consultations - Times when audience may be most attentive and open to program’s communication effort o While they are preparing lunch/dinner o While they are shopping/planning for meals - Places where they can act upon the message o In the grocery store o In the kitchen when preparing meals - Places of situations in which they will find the message most credible o Physician/dietitian (parents), teacher (child) Explore Channels and Activities (pros and cons on page 32-33) - Interpersonal o Physicians, friends, family members, counselors, parents, and coaches of the intended audiences)  More likely to be trusted and influential than media sources  Most effective for affecting attitudes, skills and behavior/behavioral intent  May work best when individual is already familiar with the message, ?from hearing it through mass media o Interpersonal channels have shown great success in delivering credible messages that produce desired results (i.e. one-to-one message comes from the doctor, people are especially likely to listen) - Group o Brown bag lunches at work, classroom activities, neighborhood gatherings, and club meetings  Designed for groups with specific things in common, such as school, club affiliations, or favorite activities  More effective when groups are already familiar with the
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