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University of Guelph
PHYS 1020
Melissa Williams

Version A Student name (please print): ________________________________________________ ___#____________________________ DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS PHYS*1020 INTRODUCTORY PHYSICS FINAL EXAMINATION – FALL 2004 Examiner: J. O’Meara TIME = 2.0 hr Please read the following instructions: 1. Do not start the examination until you are instructed to do so. 2. Allowed aid: calculator. 3. The last page gives a list of equations; you may remove that page if you wish. 4. There are 15 multiple choice questions and 4 problems. The exam booklet is 11 pages long: make sure you have a complete examination before you begin. Contact an invigilator if you do not have a complete examination paper. 5. On the computer answer sheet, use an HB (or #2) pencil to “bubble in” • your name • your 7-digit ID# • your answers to the multiple choice questions (leave the “Section” number blank) 6. Write your problem solutions in detail on the blank spaces below the problems. Your solution must make clear what your symbols mean, where you started, what you did, and why you did it. 7. When you have completed the examination, hand in all question sheets and the computer answer sheet. 8. Total marks: 70 (Allot your time accordingly.) For marker’s use: #16: _______ #17: _______ #18: _______ #19: _______ Problems total: _______ Downloaded for free at 1 Version A Part A: Multiple Choice (2 marks each – no part marks; total of 30 marks.) Enter your answers on the computer answer sheet provided, using an HB pencil. 1. On a loop-the-loop roller coaster, the coasterat any instant follows a path that can be considered part of a circ le. At the location marked B on the track, what is the correct free body diagram for the roller coaster? Neglect friction and air resistance. FN a) b) F N B F G F G F N c) d) FN T F G FG e) F G 2. In the figure below, as the ball rolls down the hill: a) its speed increases and its acceleration decreases b) its speed decreases and its acceleration increases c) both speed and acceleration increase d) both speed and acceleration remain constant e) both speed and acceleration decrease 3. Consider red light of wavelength 633 nm, and green light of wavelength 537 nm. Which of thefollowing statements is true? a) A photon of red light always has more energy than a photon of green light. b) A photon of red light always has less energy than a photon of green light. c) A photon of red light always has the same energy as a photon of green light. d) A photon of red light can have more ener gy, less energy, or the same en ergy as a photon of green light. It depends on the relative brightness of the red light a nd the green light. e) A stoplight emits light of wavelength 537 nm. 2 Downloaded for free at Version A 4. A guitar string (0.36 m long) produces a wave that travels at 99 m/s in the string when it vibrates in the third harmonic. What is the frequency of the wave generated? a) 275 Hz b) 413 Hz c) 550 Hz d) 688 Hz e) 825 Hz 5. An automobile starts with an initial displacement from ho me of 3400 m north. The car is driven for 12 minutes, with a final displacement from home of 5900 m south. What was the average velocity of the car during this time interval in km/h? a) 47 km/h (south) b) 47 km/h (north) c) 13 km/h (south) d) 13 km/h (north) e) 65 km/h (south) 6. Shown to the right are two vectors, A and B. Which of the drawings B below best represents the vector B – A? a) b) c) A d) e) 7.A telecommunications satellite is traveling at constant speed in a ci rcular orbit around Earth. Earth is exerting a gravitational force on the satellite, so why does the satellite not fall and crash into the Earth? a) the satellite is weightless b) the force of gravity is very, very weak at the height of the satellite c) the satellite is constantly being propelled by a rocket engine d) the satellite goes very fast, and the Earth’s surface is curved e) the satellite is attracted toward the sun and the moon 8. 2.76 eV photons shine thround a diffraction grating with 850 lines/mm. At what angle do you expect to observe the 2 maximum from the centre in this diffraction pattern? a) 25˚ b)35˚ c)64 ˚ d)50˚ e)unobservable 3 Downloaded for free at Version A 9. A gun (mass = 6.1 kg) recoils when it fires a bullet. If the gun exerts a force of 1.1 x 10 N 4 on the bullet (mass = 12 g), the initial acceleration of the recoiling gun is: 4 2 5 2 3 2 a) 1.1 x 10 m/s b) 9.2 x 10 m/s c) 1.8 x 10 m/s d) 0 m/s 2 e) not enough info rma tion provided 10. Use the principle of superposition to determine the wave that results from the combination of the two waves in the following diagram when they completely overlap. a) b) c) d) e) 4 Downloaded for free at Version A 11. You are doing research in the rain forest in southern Brazil, and spot a Howler monkey up in a tree ahead of you. The monkey is 215 m above the ground. In order to study the monkey, you need to hit it with a tranquilizer dart. You aim your dart gun 33˚ to the horizontal and fire from ground level. What speed does the dart need to leave the gun in order to just reach the monkey? ( i.e. assume that the dart reaches the monkey when the dart is at its highest point in its path) 215 m 33˚ a) 65 m/s b) 77 m/s c) 120 m/s d) 150 m/s e) 175 m/s 12. A large fish is moving at +2.0 m/s when it encounters a smaller fish which is at rest. The large fish 150 g swallows the smaller fish and 75 g continues in motion. If the large fish has a mass of 150 g, and the smaller fish has a mass of 75 g, then what is the speed of the fish after the “collision”? (Neglect frictional + effects.) a) -1.6 m/s b) -1.3 m/s c) 0 d) 1.3 m/s e) 1.6 m/s In motion, fish moving together with the same speed 5 Downloaded for free at Version A 13.A snowflake is drifting down to the ground at constant veloc ity. The net (resultant) force on the snowflake is:
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