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University of Guelph
PHYS 1020
Melissa Williams

Significant figures only 1 estimated digit allowedKinematicsDistancehow far an object moves during motion ScalarDisplacementstraight line from initial to final point in specified direction vector indicates change in position form the starting point to the end point Magnitude of displacement distance Average speedtime rate of change of total distance defined over a particular period of time scalarAverage velocitytime rate of change of total displacement defined over a particular period of elapsed time vectorInstantaneous velocityvelocity at any timespeedometer reading vector Uniform motionmotion where the speed and direction remains unchanged ie velocity is constantNonUniform motionvelocity is not constant speed is changing ORdirection is changingGraphs to describe motionGraphSlopeArea under curvein nonuniform motion average velocity is calculated overfinite period of time using Displacement vs timeVelocityslope of the line connecting 2 pointsSteephigh velocitysign of acceleration indicates where object is speeding up or slowing downShallowlow velocityvv slowing downHorizontal0 velocity speeding up slowing downavvaivechange in directiona or aVelocity vs timeAccelerationDisplacementAccelerationvelocity Equations describing motion initial displacement t0 Nonuniform motion a0Acceleration due to gravity g98Vectors in 2D magnitude of vector is lengthspeed have both magnitude and directionplace vectors head to tailalways points from tail of 1st vector to head of last vector use Pythagoreantheorem in this caseComponents part of vector that acts along axis every vector can be split into its components x yzVector subtraction componentscos
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