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Political Science
POLS 1400
Nanita Mohan

POLS1400 FINAL EXAM NOTES CH1 The Study of PoliticsWhen we express our opinion that government should take action we turn a need to demand Demand is an input of the government system Demand is an expression of opinion that some government action be taken Should people solve their own problems or should they depend on government Government intervention costs money which depends on tax People disagree which part of them the state should or how to regulate The more we rely on the government the more we have to pay Coercion the government has the power to impose its will on us by penalties We obey because we are scared of penalties we also know its necessary for the general good Branches of governmento New or amended law legislatureo Corporate wants big loan executiveo Government services bureaucracyo If demand can only be settled by judicial interpretation judiciary courtso They can work together such as passing a new law Authorities are more likely to respond to a group instead of an individual How to have concerns heardo People join political partieso If one political party makes the government the concern may be taken into actiono Mass media of communication media gives attention to individual and group concerns on a regular basis All demands expressed are heard by authorities but few have impact Politics originate in conflict struggle for power and management of conflict Governments seek out views of public becauseo Advances in technologyo After a decade of downsizing government the authorities were left with fewer policy analysis resources pf their ownSupport is a positive orientation toward something Three different parts of the system is objects of supportso Support the government of the dayo Support the whole decisionmaking apparatuso Support the political community called Canada Cleavages deep and persistent division in society that has significant implications for the political system Those who have power have made us not think out of the box 5 approaches that political scientists have found useful in aspects of the Canadian political systemo The pluralist te or corporatedisposalerent authoritiestheir election platforms is oneterritories in the operation of Canadian federalism operating principle of that society it requires an election of equality of different interest in society o Public choice interested utilitymaximizing fashion and politicians make promises in return for votesthemselves electedcredit for good things and blame other for the bad and manipulate the timing of positive and negative decisionsterm interest o the country if it conflicts with shortterm electoral advantageo Class analysisconomic classes but also shape of public policies and are designed for the accumulation of wealthprovision of jobs and economic growtho Statecenteredo Globalization approachesthe rules of international organizations it has joined or international agreements it has signed with external relations have become more active and significantinteract with counterparts in other states to protect and promote their common interestsies are more globalizedPOLS1400 Chapter 3 RegionalismAlberta was enraged at the 1980 National Energy Program and western alienation which affected the whole western region of Canada Atlantic groundfish industry collapsed in the 1990s and the softwood lumber dispute with the US almost crippled the forestry industry especially in British Columbia Newfoundland Labrador Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan fought to remove petroleum revenues from the calculation of equalization payments Ontario argued that its residents paid 23 billion more in federaltaxes every year than they got back from Ottawa and a widespread sentiment exists in other regions that the federal government favours Quebec because of the threat of separationTHEORETICAL CONSIDERATIONSone way of treating regionalism in Canada would be to equate regions with provinces and territories in discussing the question of regionalism the 1979 Task Force on Canada Unity had this to sayoRegional communitites require an institutional framework if they are to become viable units which can express themselves and organize their collective life in an effective manneroFor that reason it seems to us that the provinces and the norther territoties are the basic building blocks of Canadian society and the logical units on which to focusa discussion of Canadaian regionalism even though they may not be the most natural regions from an economic point of view To define regionalism in terms of such formal politicalinstitutional boundaries would link it very closely to the question of federalismo creation of provinces and territories have two primary effects regarding regional demandsoif region was identified as a political unit the unit could become a persuasive transmitter for regional demands to Ottawaoharder to ignore when it comes from a provincial or territorial premieroon the other hand provinces and territories are able to facilitate the decision making process by handling local problems that are not controversial at the provincialterritorial level byt that would cause great difficulty in Ottawa
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