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Political Science
POLS 2080
Adam Sneyd

2080 exam review Week 1: meaning measurement and morality in international development - Defining issue of development - - first time it came up in Truman’s speech in 1949 - Labels matter • newly industrialized • third world • global south • GNP, GDP, GNI, PPP - Weaknesses and strengths of measuring development - Meaning, measurement and morality in ID - How to define poverty • Multidimensional • Peoples capabilities • Unfreedom - HDI - Morality in development Week 2 Chapter 3 - Five theories - Development economics (1) • Keyesanian economics • Heavy hand of the state • Investing in the states - (2) modernization • Rostow • Five stages • Moving from traditional to modern • External force to invest in economy to produce growth - (3) dependency theory • Critique of modernization • Moving from traditional to the modern rd • Describing the 3 world as pre capitalists • Dominated and exploited by the west • Gunder Frank - (4) Neoliberlism • Third world debt crisis • 1980s • State is taking a back seat • State should get out of things like providing education • Laissez faire
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