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POLS 2150 Final: POLS 2150 Exam question 4

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University of Guelph
Political Science
POLS 2150
Carol Dauda

POLS 2150 Exam question 4 5. On what basis does Margaret Somerville make an argument against same-sex marriage and what are her main points as they relate to that basis? -Intense individualism Decisions making about life (reproductive) and death are seen as private (especially to the state). However if society has a valid interest in marriage, it must remain involved through the law -Adult-centered reproductive decision-making Idea that if possible, children should be raised by their biological parents and although there are circumstances where that may not occur, we should not produce a system that intentionally creates otherwise -Reprogenetic technologies A judge ruled on this by recognizing procreation is fundamental for marriage and technology use leads to unethical results. -Mutual respect If the purpose of marriage remain in tact, than it is acceptable to exclude homosexual in terms of respecting their relationship as the main purpose of their relationship is not to procreate (also argues that hetersoexual relationships symbolize reproduction even if they don’t have kids) -Attributing homophobia -Use of Law Changes the value of marriage. A need to legislate in relation to reproduction. Belief that children have the right to be created in any form, however marriage symbolizes natural reproduction. -Social Experimentation Decision to include same-sex couples into the definition is not neutral with respect to the decision outcome. -Discrimination Idea of “double effect”. The primary purpose is
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