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University of Guelph
Political Science
POLS 3180
Edward Koning

Exam information December 2, 2130- 430 Location THRN 1200 Five sets of questions, answer one from each set Use about 1-2 pages per answer double-spaced Make sure to read the questions well All are weighed equally Questions will be wordy Sample questions: (difficulty level to expect) Answer them entirely a) Some researchers have recently started to use online chat rooms to conduct their qualitative interviews. Do you think this is mostly a good idea or a bad idea? In answering this question, make sure to (I) describe at least one alternative to conducting an interview in a chat room, (ii) identify at least one advantage of the online chartroom over alternative, and (iii) identify at least one disadvantage of the alternative over the chat room, b) Which of the following three methods of data collection would be best to investigate internal explanations: field research, qualitative interviews, or content analysis? In answering this question, make sure to (i) clearly define the terms; international explanations’, ‘field research;, ‘qualitative interviews’, and ‘content analysis’ and (ii) show how the method of your choice is more appropriate than each of the two alternatives. Summarizing the class: Three Schools of Philosophical underpinnings “How do you acquire knowledge?” Logical positivism: Ontology: there is a world out there, it is governed by laws; we can separate facts and values Epistemology: two sources of knowledge: observation and logic Methodology: induction and deduction Scientific realism: Ontology Epistemology Methodology Interpretivism: Ontology Epistemology Methodology Research goals - Explanation o Aims to establish existence of causal relationships o Most common in political science - Description - Exploration
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