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Political Science
POLS 3490
Ian Spears

Conflict and Conflict Resolution Final Exam: -8:30am macn 105 December 9/13 -Bring ID, eraser, extra pens Part A: 40-50 multiple choice questions -a number of quotations and selection of authors (see the quotation and choose the correct author) In almost all cases the quotation is meant to give you a hint on who the author is. Part B: 3 or 4 essay questions, you answer one -Integrate author and arguments in insightful ways. -Likely question would be pick 5 or 6 authors and discuss them in light of an argument. You don’t NEED to use all the authors but it certainly helps your cause. -Good essays will not only be descriptive and restate material but make connections between authors -You need to read the questions several times, especially if there are multiple elements to it ***You need to be able to say the authors and their argument Do not underestimate how well you need to know this material so you can link names and arguments Explanations for conflict Economic explanations -Collier-takes the greed persepective, greed drives conflict Herbst-says greed may be part of it in some but not all, Mandella did not spend all that time in prison so he could reap book contracts. Some people have principles.
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