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University of Guelph
Political Science
POLS 4250
Tim Mau

POLS*4250 – Topics in Public Management Lecture 1 What is leadership? strategic direction, plans and policies, effective oversight, regulation, motivation, and partnerships that integrate all health systems building blocks to achieve results. Leadership involves strategically developing and implementing plans and policies with accountability and transparency. Good leadership should be practiced at all levels. - Interested in learning more about leadership concepts and theories and how they’re applicable to the public sector Leadership – historically, understood as effective mgmt. – Rost disagrees. - demands followership. - A leader requires to have motivation and inspiration to constitute effective leadership Considerthesewhendoingthereadings: 1. Whatarethebasictermsandconceptsthat havebeenidentifiedinthe readings?Doyouunderstandallofthem?Identifythe onesthat youfound problematic. 2. Whatisthethesisofthereadinginquestion?Inotherwords, what isthemain argument beingadvancedbythe author? 3. Howhasthisargumentbeen structured?Arethere certainthemesthathave beenidentified?What methodologyhastheauthorusedtopresenthis/her argument?Thinkaboutthequalityofthe data usedtosupportthisposition –is it sufficient?Doyoufindtheargument compellingorwanting? 4. Trytoidentifysome ofthe most importantquestionsorideasthat havebeen outlinedinthe reading. 5. Thinkabouthowthese readingsrelate tothe othermat
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