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POLS 2250 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Public Administration, Old Age Security, Theory X And Theory Y

Political Science
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POLS 2250
Tim Mau
Study Guide

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Week 1
Public administration
field of occupation or field of study
the use of managerial, political, and legal theories
it processes to fulfill legislative, executive, and judicial government mandates
for the provision of regulatory and service functions for society as a whole
Public Administration vs. Private Administration
- similarities?
Planning, organizing, staffing, directing, coordinating,
reporting, budgeting
- Differences?
o Public admin. service the public
o Private admin. for profit primarily
o Public admin. operates less efficiently
o Public admin. greater emphasis on accountability
o Public admin. HR system much more complicated
o Public admin. conducted in a fishbowl of publicity
o Public admin. political considerations (elections, duration of
managers in service), cabinet solidarity, consistency in program
delivery, protect minister, re-election
Government Priorities 2008-2012
- maintain strong fiscal management
o debt reduction
o delivering on tax back guarantee
o keep spending focused and disciplined
- strengthening Canada’s tax advantage
o tax-free savings account introduced
- investing in people
o develop best-educated, most skilled and flexible workforce in the
o enhancements to grants and loan programs for students
- investing in knowledge
o money for science and technology
- supporting communities and traditional industries
- investing in infrastructure
o make gas tax fund permanent
- leadership at home
o aboriginals, health and safety, vision of north, cleaner environment
- leadership abroad
o Canadian forces
o International assistance

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BUDGET 2009 Canada’ Economic Action Plan
- global economic recession
- G20 Commitment
- Plan stimulus must be 1) timely, 2) targeted, 3) temporary
- Key priorities:
o Improving access to financing, strengthening the financial system
Improve access to credit for individuals and business
o Actions to help Canadians stimulate spending
o Stimulate housing construction
Home reno tax credit (up to $1350 tax rebate)
o Build infrastructure
$12B in infrastructure stimulus for municipalities
o support for businesses and communities
support for auto, forestry, and manufacturing sectors
BUDGET 2011 Low Tax Plan for Jobs and Growth
- global economy recovering
- on target to eliminate federal deficit by 2015-2016
BUDGET 2012 Jobs, Growth and Long-Term Prosperity
- focus on growth and job creating
- purposing further free trade agreements
- opportunities for Aboriginals
- sustainable social programs (increase age eligibility for Old age security)

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Week 2
- 7 modern concepts of bureaucracy (Martin Albrow)
o rational organization
o organizational inefficiency
o rule by officials
o public administration
o administration by officials
o the organization
o modern society
- Weber
o Three types of authority
Traditional (heredity)
Charismatic (Jesus)
Legal/Rational (legitimated by rules)
o Ideal Type Bureaucracy
Specialization of Labour
Division of responsibilities person could become very
efficient if they only had to concentrate on a specific job
Hierarchical structure
Superior-subordinate relationship
Employment and promotion based on merit
Provided assurance and increased efficiency
Full-time employment
Full-time activity and major source of income
Decisions based on impersonal rules
Bureaucrats bound by certain rules when dealing with
the public
Importance of written files
Maintaining written records of both the codified rules
themselves and decisions made
Bureaucratic employment is separate from private life
- Taylorism scientific management
You can scientifically study work to see the best type of way to
structure that job
His focus was the individual in the workplace, not society as a
One best way
Management took care setting and organizing the line, workers
would be more effective
Strongly opposed overworking employees
- Gulick and Urwick and the Theory of Organization
o Span of control
Number of subordinates who report to one supervisor
o Organization of duties
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