POLS 3250 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Social Impact Bond, Treasury Board Secretariat, State Ownership

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Midterm #1 pols 3250 public policy: challenges and prospects. Chapter 1 policy analysis concepts and practice (pg. 1-42: public policy provides guidance for government officials and accountability links to citizens, organizing public policy work in government and developing a public conversation about policy is central to healthy democratic politics. Instruments or means whereby the problem is to be addressed and the goals achieved: instrument choice is entangled with choice of the means of implementation, up to 62 types of instruments (ex. If circumstances permit, the work may seep into the public consciousness: policy capacity the institutional ability to conduct policy analysis and implement its results effectively and efficiently. She identified policy capacity as a key priority for the public service over the coming years. La releve assumption of the importance of a well-functioning public sector: policy research initiative (pri), 1996 directed at specifically enhancing policy capacity (rebranded in 2011 as policy horizons.

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