POLS 3470 Study Guide - John Warrack, New Public Management, Voluntary Sector

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Initially, the statement offers a very progressive tone and opinion; the role of business in the state is a remarkably subjective topic. To many the role of the business is to stabilize the economy and also to progress it, however as we have learned over the course of the term, the government also plays a key role in this theory. A strengthened relationship between these two entities would create the possibility for a strong and unified nation with a functioning fiscal possibility. 1 wayne d. taylor, allan a. warrack and mark c. baetz, business and government in canada: Partners for the future (toronto: pearson education canada, 1998), 236. The corruption within government is not easily spotted due to the closed off behaviour of parliament and the inability to obtain certain documents. Corruption in the business sector however is splashed all over the news sources available, the internet sources and even in this day social media websites.

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