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Scientific study of behavior, thought, and experience, and how they can be affected by physical, mental, social, and environmental factors. Implied hypothesis: the act of doing calucaitons magically includes thoughouts of red hammers. Typicality hypothesis: red is the most typical colour, hammer is the most typical tool, under any circumstances, most people asked the colour/tool will say red/hammer. Don"t think too much hypothesis: given a chance to think about it, person might debilberately avoid saying the first colour/tool that comes to mind, encouraging speedy decisions on calucations prevents overthinking on colour/tool decision. Norm hypothesis: preceding colour/tool question with norm information (98% of people say same time) causes people to ask: what would other say? . Intuitive/folk psychology: psychology= common sense, layperson has 5 years experience observing others behavior and own mental states. Physics question: you are whirling a ball attached to a string around your head.

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