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PSYC 2040
David Stanley

Steps of single samples t test • Know what single samples look like o One column • Go to analyze o Compare means o One sample t test o Move the variable into the test variable box o The test value, is the null hypothesis o Set test value to 100 o Press ok o P value tells you if the null hypothesis is true assuming that the population mean is a 100 o Most imp info on this output is the p value, it is located under the heading sig 2 tail o In this scenario, p = .000, therefore, p is less than .05, and in fact, p is less than .001 o Example: t (df) = t value, p is < .001 or .01 or .05 o We therefore, reject the null hypothesis o If it was bigger than .05, you would use ns Independent groups t test steps • 2 columns • Go to o Analyze o Compare means o Independent samples t test o Put the DV into the test variable box  Example: ratings o Put the IV into the grouping variable box  Example: University o Click define groups o Put 1 into group 1 box o Put 2 into group 2 box o Click continue and hit ok o If variances are the same, use top line, if different, use the bottom line o The first two numbers under lavene’s test for a quality of variances, tell you which line to use o If significance is .05, or bigger, use the top line o If sig is .05 or less, use bottom line  Example: f (1, 98) = 5.21, p
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