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Saba Safdar

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January 29, 2013 – LECTURE - REVIEW FOR MIDTERM 1 – S. SAFDAR - midterm – January 31 at 11:30 am - pencils and student ID - 80 questions o 40 questions are on lecture material  lecture 1 – intro - 5 questions  lecture 2 – self – 7 questions  lecture 3 – self and culture – 7 questions  lecture 4 – attribution – 7 questions  lecture 5 – attitude – 7 questions  lecture 6 – attribution and attitude across culture – 7 questions o 40 questions based on the chapters  chapters: 1, 3, 4, 6  10 questions from each chapter MAJOR THINGS TO KNOW (THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE EVERYTHING – GO OVER THE TABLES, THE GRAPHS, ETC.) - LECTURE: what is social psychology? o The scientific study of the way in which a person’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviours are influenced by the real or imagined presence of other people. - LECTURE: History of social psychology th o The scientific study of social psychology developed at the end of 19 century  Norman Triplett was one of the pioneers  He studied cyclists and compared if they go faster if they are against a clock or against other cyclists – other cyclists was the conclusion.  Floyd Allport wrote an important book on interaction of individuals in their social contexts. - LECTURE/CHAPTER: Some Major Contributions to Social Psychology [**will not need to know anyone other then these**] o Gordon Allport – prejudice, establishment of SPSSI o Muzafer Sherif – experimental research on social influence o Kurt Lewin – action research o Solomon Asch – conformity o Leon Festinger – genitive dissonance o Stanley Milgram – obedience - CHAPTER 1: Gestalt and positive psychology (look at picture of dog) o Behaviourist, socio-cultural, humanist perspectives o Social versus self perception, self-fulfilling prophecy, hindsight bias o Know the distinction between theory and hypothesis - LECTURE: accuracy of self-knowledge o It is possible to have accurate understanding of self-knowledge?  Yes, autobiography writers (self-concept is the most comeplte form of knowledge imaginable)  No, psychoanalysts (self-concept is very hard to obtain) January 29, 2013 – LECTURE - REVIEW FOR MIDTERM 1 – S. SAFDAR o Introspection  Introspection is one way of developing self-knowledge.  Introspection has some limitations:  People don’t engage in introspection often  Reasons for some of our behaviours are hidden from our conscious awareness  (that 8% and the 92% stat… whatever that was, know it.) o Healthy Self-Knowledge  According to Taylor and Brown, good mental health includes several systematic distortion.  Exaggerating positive self-evaluation o We all think we
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