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Individualistic vs Collectivistic.docx

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University of Guelph
PSYC 2310
Saba Safdar

Individualistic Cultures behaviour (intentionally putting  Independent self obstacles in the way so you can  Describe the self as being unique blame them for failures  More egoistic view towards  See people’s behaviour as emerging from traits environmental issues  Focus on expressing one’s own  More influenced by information needs, goals about what they have done in the  Say what is on your mind past (want consistence and thus feel negative towards dissonance  Think in first person Collectivistic Cultures  In memories, person is center of the event  Interdependent self, harmony,  Focus on role of person in cooperation and social identity interpreting behaviour (fundamental  Focus on maintaining attribution error / correspondence interdependent  Thoughts, feelings, behaviours are bias: over-estimating the effect of disposition) all influenced by the group  See self as being consistent over  Read other’s mind time  Focus on the role of the situation in  More likely to believe that thy have interpreting behaviour control over how objects work  Conform to your duties, fit in together (“Life is good”)  Someone else is the focus  More likely to use false uniqueness  More interested in social bias (underestimate number of comparison people that have your positive  See self as being more fl
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