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PSYC2390 Lecture Notes (Post midterm 1/for midterm 2).docx

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University of Guelph
PSYC 2390
Lana Trick

PSYC2390 Lecture Notes Part 2When we see light some comes directly comes from a light source most of the light we see is bounced off colour based off of the kind of light that is bounced off the objecto White reflects all the different wavelengths equally sends a lot of light into eyeso Black absorbs wavelengthlight equally sends back only small amount of light into eyesRods and cones have photopigments that are full of light Retinal ganglion send info out of the cells into the brainDetached retinaretina rips off the back of the eye o nourishment comes from there pigment epithelium helps you regenerate the photopigments enzymes to put the pigment back together in the epitheliumo focusing doesnt work anymore image cant properly be registeredsent to brainDiabetic retinopathyinsulin insensitivity high levels of blood sugar high blood pressure problems with circulation o poor circulation to the eye blood vesselscapillaries in the eye swell and leak o blood leaks into vitreous humour jelly like tissuefloaters start to float in the vitreous humour see little black spots in visiono neovascularisation retina grows some new blood vessels that make the problem worse also fragile bleed same problems scarring in the retina could cause detachment in retina o laser photocoagulation for minor case o pan retinal photocoagulation for major caseburn parts of retina lose some resolution distributed equally reduce the need for blood reduces neovascularisationMacular degenerationmacula in the fovea cones deteriorate cant see detail o agerelated form more drusen yellow gunk lumps form between choroid and pigment epithelium trouble reading fine details threading needles can slow process with cholesterol lowering drugs antioxidant o drusen develops slowly insidiously dont realize unless always see optometrist fast developing abnormal repeat blood vessels occurs with neovascularisation o tested with the Amsler grido starts on the inside works outRetinitis pigmentosastarts emerging in late adolescence starts as result of abnormalities in pigment epithelium it begins to deteriorate cells begin to die o starts on the outside and works in problems with night vision rods in the periphery lose vision until have tunnel visiono slow down progress with vitamin AGlaucomaaffect on retinal ganglion aqueous humor circulates between lens cornea and iris clear fluid nourishes the cells lens and cornea always being replacedo fluid pressure too high too much aqueous humor pushes on the back of the eye where the retinal ganglion cells exit kills the neuronsganglion cells gradual blindnessfluid pressure related in part to blood pressure high blood pressurerisk for glaucomao genetic factor certain racial groups at high risk East Asian African Inuit females at higher riskOpen anglevents not letting out enough fluid aqueous humorClosed angleiris blocks pupil pupil gets flopped over fluid has small area to occupy fluid pressure builds up really fast iris blocks off fluid eye pain headache nausea vomitinginclined to happen in morningiridectomy laser cuts a hole in the iris to let the fluid out
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